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Polymer coatings were originally developed for NASA space exploration programs by Polydyn. Over the years, coatings have been successfully used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, and now exclusively available from Turblown Engineering,

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Polydyn Performance Engine Coatings are applied so that a .0002" to .0007" overbuild remains on the surface, but there's a lot more to these coatings than meets the eye. PolyDyn fluoropolymers actually become a part of the coated materials surface; .005" to 0.50" actual penetration depending on the material. It is virtually impossible to extract a polymer from the pores of the metal to which it is applied. In short, PolyDyn coatings will last indefinitely.
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Thermal management coatings not only dramatically reduce oil and water temperature, but increase thermal efficiency of the engine. The result is not only more power, but lower fuel consumption, and emissions. Reduced plug fouling, and boost threshold on turbocharged engines will also result. After all heat and the expansion of exhaust gases is what increases turbine speeds. Furthermore, the chance of pre-ignition is lowered by reducing carbon buildup, and evenly distributing heat to prevent hot spots.
Thermal Management Coatings available for:

Rotor Combustion Faces
Rotor Housings
Exhaust Sleeve Inserts
Engine Bearings
Engine Oil Pump
Side Plates
Turbo Manifolds/Headers
Inside and out on Turbine Housings

Oil Attraction, Retention and Friction Management coatings are also available to increase service life, and performance. When the oil coatings are applied to main and stationary bearings excessive wear and failures caused by lubrication lay after engine start up are greatly reduced. Eccentric shaft flex, and detonation wear on the bearings will also be reduced. Furthermore parasitic drag and oil temperatures are reduced by lowering the coefficient of friction. The primary result is increased engine acceleration. The Dry Film Lubricate Coatings when applied to the side plates on a rotary engine help reduce side plate, and rotor seal wear. The coating also increasing microsealing, resulting in higher compression. Sideplate temperature will also be reduced by allowing more time for engine oil to extract heat. Lastly, rotor and seal damage from contact will also be reduced.
PolyDyn Performance Ceramic Coatings also available for exhaust components. The polymer composites contain insulating ceramics that significantly cut down on heat transfer. PolyDyn ceramic coatings when applied to combustion and exhaust components increase heat retention, and exhaust flow, while protecting against damaging heat saturation.
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