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Adaptronic Plug-In Select ECU for Mazda RX8 03-08

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Price: $1480.00

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The Adaptronic ECU is the most advanced standalone ECU on the market for your Series 1 Mazda Rx-8. This unit is a complete plug and play standalone ecu that uses a short adapter harness to communicate with the OEM ECU. The OEM ECU communicates with the dash, drive by wire throttle body, immobilizer, abs, traction control, and stability systems. The Adaptronic gives you complete control over your fuel & ignition systems, and allows you to retain all OEM functions. This standalone ECU uses VE Tuning, Fully Automated Injection & Valve Staging, and Adaptive Closed Loop Self Tuning. Combine all of these advanced features plus many more listed below with bar non tech support, quality base maps & wiring schematics, and you will be on your path to a properly controlled and tuned engine!.

  • Adaptive Close Loop Self Tuning is a system designed by Adaptronic to not only trim the fuel & ignition maps, but automatically edit the base values, and perform " self tuning ". The unit also does the same for idle control, and transient throttle( throttle response). See Youtube video for more information
  • Volumetric Efficiency Tuning uses internal algorithms to deliver a more accurate & linear tune twice as fast as millisecond tuning by combining injector size, injector dead band timing, swept cylinder volume, and RPM to calculate engine fuel demands. Some ECU brands advertise VE tuning, but they aren't compatible with staged injection found on the rotary engine. See the Youtube video below for more information
  • Multiple tuning modes including Volumetric Efficiency for accurate & easy tuning.
  • Advanced Adaptive Fuel & Ignition Control including 100% configurable tolerances, loop gains, & conditions for automated AFR, IDLE, & Transient Throttle Control( Closed Loop Self Tuning).
  • Full Sequential Fuel & Ignition Control- Direct fire capable( 4 individual coils), and Individual Rotor Injector Trim
  • OMP & Stock Sequential Twin Turbo Control
  • Internal 4 bar MAP sensor for engines running as high as 40 psi of boost.
  • Advanced Engine Protection Features- definable rev limiters for engine lean out, low oil, fuel or auxiliary pressures, etc.
  • Traction & Launch Control configuration.
  • Integrated 3.5mm headphone jack for real-time listening to knock
  • E85 Flex Fuel Control for maintaining accurate injection rates utilizing real-time ethanol content monitoring. (Requires Flex Fuel Sensor like GM or Zeitronix)
  • Built in Boost Control Software including Boost by Gear using OEM transmission sensors
  • Spare 0-5v analogue input, one spare aux output, 3 spare digital inputs; Dual EGTS or multiple temp sensors inputs require Innovative SSI
  • Water/Alcohol Injection Control
  • Integrated Diagnostic LED's for easy visual confirmation of proper Trigger, Fuel Injection, & Ignition System operation.
  • Instant Dual MAP Switching capability for street & track vehicles!
  • User Configurable Sensors - compatible with any and all senors like FFE trigger wheels, or GM AIT or ECT sensors
  • Serial Port connection for zero soldering wideband o2 sensor installation
  • Race Dash Integration via Serial Output.
  • Innovative Wideband/TC-4/SSI-4 Daisy Chain Compatible via serial connection.
  • PLX Multi Display Gauge & Android App Compatible for real-time engine parameter display.
  • Will run 13BREW swaps, if all OEM function are to be retained you must swap front cover/trigger, and Rx-8 throttle body
  • 20B 3 rotor swaps require E1280S Super Computer.
  • Easy to use WARI tuning software with USB connection to PC's running Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8. Easy Datalogging with no additional hardware/software. Excellent direct and community technical support. 12 Month Warranty
  • Works with JDM, European and North American Models. Even works with 2003 JDM cars that came from the factory without an immobilsier
  • Will pass " check engine light " emissions inspection. Check engine light will turn on with car in " on " position, and clear check engine codes once running.
  • Price includes freight in the lower 48 states

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