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Turblown TDX61R

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Price: $1625.00

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The Turblown TDX61R is arguably the best street, and medium frame turbo for a 2 rotor engine. This water-cooled Ball Bearing turbo provides the fast spool of our standard TD61 Turbo(61mm-500rwhp), with the power of a To4Z Turbo(67mm-550rwhp). This turbo features A TurboSource 11 blade 61mm billet compressor wheel. It " spools" 500rpms faster than a TO4Z while still being able to support 550rwhp @ 25+psi( E85 or race gas). The turbine section is a 74mm P trim wheel, which is very well suited for the 15 to 25psi range on a 13B 2 rotor. The larger 74mm P trim wheel outflows the 68mm Gt35R turbine wheel considerably above 18psi. We have seen as much as 24psi by 3400rpms in 4th gear on the dyno. Most end users report 400rwhp @ 15 psi, and 15psi by 34 to 3600RPMs.

  • Available in 1.0, and 1.15 divided T4 turbine A/R s with a 3" vband discharge. We recommend the 1.15 for heavily ported engines, or boost pressure in excess of 20psi.
  • Optional Anti-Surge Housing Pictured at additional cost $200
  • Optional Compressor Housing Polishing Available $ 99
  • All parts except the compressor wheel are 100% genuine Garrett, this unit is properly balanced and built in the USA. It holds a 1 year limited warranty

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