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Adaptronic Select ECU for 2009-2011 Rx-8s

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Price: $1365.00

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This Adaptronic Select Universal ECU needs to be wired in series with the OEM ECU & Wiring Harness. A wiring diagram & good base map will be supplied with purchase. We recommend installing a wide band o2 sensor and wiring it directly to this ecu for closed loop o2 feedback. Ecu installation, and tuning feedback( log tuning over email exchanges) is available free of charge. Dyno tuning is recommended for Forced Induction. ECU Specs: This unit is designed to retain the factory Rx-8 ECU in a 'piggyback' arrangement, but it is NOT an interceptor unit. This unit is a full standalone ECU. The Adaptronic unit is positioned on top of the factory ECU in the engine bay. This Adaptronic Select ECU is sold with a base map to get the engine running. The ECU has an internal 4 bar MAP sensor. The Adaptronic ECU has 'volumetric efficiency' tuning modes, allowing very effective and easy fuel tuning for optimal air-fuel ratios.( Click Enlarge for screen shot) This particular Adaptronic unit also has 3 levels of injector staging, which are fully automated! All you need to do is specify the sizes/flow-rates of the injectors. No transition tuning problems. There is also an adjustable spark-split table, so the tuner can optimize the firing angles of the leading and trailing spark plugs. The factory ECU continues to control and/or communicate with the following: - Drive-By-Wire (DBW) electronic throttle (and therefore idle control) - Anti-pollution - Immobiliser - Air conditioner - Thermofans - OBDII / CAN system The Adaptronic unit takes full control of the following: - Spark timing (fully sequential) and spark split - Fuel Injection (3 levels of staging, with sequential injection on first primary injectors, paired injection on second primary injectors, paired injection on secondary injectors) - Secondary Side Valve (SSV) - Variable Dynamic Intake (VDI) - Auxiliary Port Valve (APV) - Variable Fresh Air Duct (VFAD) * "3D" Fuel and Ignition maps (32x16 cells per table) * Water temperature corrections, air temperature corrections( with MAF plugged in), Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) sensor for load sensing, Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for transient throttle response, knock sensing, O2/EGO (exhaust gas oxygen) for closed-loop fuel control * Internal MAP sensor suitable for up to 40 psi of boost * Closed-Loop Adaptive fuel control - with configurable tolerances and loop gains, and conditions under which adaptive behavior takes place * Optional idle control fine-tuning by ignition timing adjustments * Optional Flex Fuel control (requires fuel composition sensor to be fitted) * 3.5mm headphone jack for listening to knock * PC interface via USB cable * Field upgradeable firmware * Datalogging via 'WARI' PC software * Free support by forum, email and phone * 12 month 'return to base' warranty * Many other features! Works with JDM, European and North American Models. Even works with 2003 JDM cars that came from the factory without an immobilsier Will pass " check engine light " emissions inspection. Check engine light will turn on with car in " on " position, and clear check engine codes once running. Price includes freight in the lower 48 states


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