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Turblown Cast BorgWarner EFR IWG Turbo System

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Price: $3700.00

In stock: yes

The Turblown Rx7 EFR IWG Turbo System is designed to deliver the fastest boost response possible while decreasing as many failure points as possible. At the heart of this turbo system is a Ball Bearing BorgWarner EFR(Engineered For Racing) Turbochargers. These Internal Waste-Gate EFR turbochargers also feature Built In Recirc Blow Off Valves, & 3 Port Boost Control Solenoids built into the compressor cover. All of these features in one package reduce the complexity of your turbo system.The turbo is also positioned as low and as far back as possible for extra stealth and a low center of gravity The internal waste-gate configuration offers considerably less noise than open dump tubes. This is more desirable for street and track cars with decibel limits. Furthermore one does not have to worry about melting your external wastegate lines, or blowing your waste-gate diaphragms( common on road course driven cars with external wastegates). The internal wastegate is also a divorced unit, with two separate runners leading up to one single 42mm waste-gate valve. This is the best internal waste-gate design of any turbocharger. This turbo system is a true twin-scroll unit. It completely separates the exhaust pulses between the two rotors. This separation not only makes more power, but increases boost response. The internal 42mm waste-gate has been proven to properly control boost pressure on a 13b without any creep at medium boost levels( see attached chart of 12 psi). This turbo system comes standard with the medium waste-gate canister. Boost pressures lower than 12psi require exhaust restriction( A Catalytic converter, 2.5" exhaust system, or a re stricter insert). A TurboSmart EFR IWG dual port actuator is recommended for those who wish to run both low( 10-12psi, and very high boost pressures with the OE EFR solenoid. Every piece of this kit is 100% built in the USA and is constructed with the highest quality materials & components. Every single piece of this turbo system is designed for the highest reliability and performance that money can buy. As of 10/17/15 this turbo systems will now include our new 347SS investment cast EFR IWG T4 manifold. This manifold comes standard with twin 1/8 NPT exhaust gas temperature or exhaust manifold back pressure ports( plugs included). At the heart of the system is a your choice of an EFR 7670, 8374 or 9180 T4 .92 Internal Waste-gate Turbocharger.. The 7670 will deliver the fastest boost response, and lowest boost threshold, and is perfect for a 350 to 400rwhp street, or AutoX car. The 7670 will make over 450rwhp at high boost pressures. The 8374 will deliver a very wide power-band that will work well for road-course driven cars, or higher powered street cars(450-550rwhp selection). The 9180 will provide the highest level of IWG power with its 68mm compressor wheel and 80mm turbine wheel. One should choose the 9180 for 550 to 630+rwhp range. This turbo system Does Require Supporting Modifications such as an aftermarket ECU, intercooler, clutch, fuel, & ignition upgrades to reach it's full potential. Turblown Engineering offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty for the original purchaser on the turbo manifold and downpipe. The turbo is under BorgWarner's One Year limited warranty. This turbo system Fits Both Left and Right Hand Drive FD3S 93-2002 Rx-7s. It also accommodates the Pineapple Racing Idler Pulley, US-Spec, J-spec, 13BRE & Xcessive FD3S Manufacturing( requires grinding to fit 8374/9180) intake Manifolds. This turbo system does clear the OEM FD3S airpump. 8374 and 9180 turbochargers require a custom tension-er bracket and light trimming to the airpump( see photos). 7670 require zero modifcations. This system also fits the FC3S chassis using RE/REW swaps. 7670 version will fit S4/S5 13BT engine/chassis with zero modifications. The 8374/9180 will fit the FC3S S4/S5 OEM 13BT with a little bit of grinding on the OEM LIM(to clear the bigger compressor cover vband clamp & water line-see photos). Inconel turbine housing shield recommended for the FC3S engine because of close proximity of turbine housing to lower intake manifold. Default downpipe size is 3". Choose 3.5" if ultimate, power, and boost response are desired. Please note you might experience boost creep with the 3.5" downpipe, especially if used with a full 3.5" or 4" exhaust system. 3" downpipe usually runs around 11psi as your base pressure. FD3S downpipes bolt right up to stock location midpipe/cat. FC3S downpipes do not bolt up to OEM midpipe. OEM A/C line compatible with all models. The turbo and manifold can be installed together before being placed in the engine bay. Installation does not require the engine to be removed, jacked up, or any studs pulled. This is the easiest single turbo to install that we have ever seen. Default price of $3700 is for the 7670 IWG turbo kit. 8374, 9174 & 9180 available at additional cost. $250 for the 8374, and $450 for the 9174/9180. Read More; Installation Video;


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