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FD3S Rx-7 FPD Fuel System

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The refreshed v4 CJ Motorsports FPD Fuel System for the FD RX-7 is released! This is our second model of the first (and the only) fuel system upgrade for the FD that incorporates an OEM-built pulsation dampener directly into the system. Automotive manufacturers learned long ago that fuel injection systems create harmonics and pressure waves related to the harsh opening and closing of the fuel injectors. The side effects of these harmonics in the fuel system can include jittery fuel pressure, uneven fuel map calibration, and excess noise. In several cases, when not using any FPD at all, we have seen RPM specific points (harmonics) where the fuel injection will sort of stutter (for a lack of better words) and lean out, which will cause drivability issues when trying to hold/sustain these specific RPMs. When we do see vehicles suffer of the pulsation harmonics, it will generally occur very noticeably at 2 or 3 specific RPMs. It is typically only noticeable while sustaining these RPMs, and goes undetected when quickly passing through these points under higher load. Continual advancements in aftermarket engine control systems and tuning has given us all very little reason not to have our high-power street or race cars driving around town as smooth and clean as a modern factory-tuned car. This is where our FPD series of fuel system products comes into to play and stands-out from the crowd. For years now, nearly the entire aftermarket performance industry has disregarded the relevance of FPDs and you will be hard-pressed to find many aftermarket rail solutions that retain them. CJ Motorsports has had a strong focus on manufacturing primarily fuel injection system components since 2004. Our dedicated focus to problem solving fuel systems for hundreds of customers and tuners has provided us with plentiful data samples to take notice of these potential side effects. It is true that a large percentage of tuned vehicles never exhibit symptoms extreme enough to take notice. But to ignore the potential side effects of fuel pressure harmonics simply does not align with our findings, nor the continual OEM integration of FPDs. By taking all the qualities of our classic high-performance fuel systems, and combining this extra feature of OEM fuel systems, we are providing you with the means to have a very clean and smooth driving vehicle. Some typical results from the addition of a FPD to your fuel system include: smoother drive-ability and cruising, more stable and steady fuel pressure gauge readings, less fuel injection noise. We have had some vehicles that were downright night and day improvements in part-throttle drive-ability. Compatibility Notes: Converts to popular top-feed style fuel injectors (with 14mm o-rings). Currently our FPD Fuel System is not available for the RE (Cosmo) lower intake manifold. Currently our FPD Secondary Rail does not have a 4 secondary injector option. Top-Feed rail conversions require Air Control Valve (ACV) delete with a low profile block-off plate (optional). Carefully remove the factory diffusers placed underneath the original fuel injectors. CJ Motorsports Billet v4 FPD Rails; Secondary Rail w/ Integrated Parallel Y-Port Anodized Black or Blue Integrated OEM Nissan R35 GTR FPD Aluminum Spacer Mounts (for 48mm or 60mm body injectors) Stainless Hardware CJ Motorsports S1 Plumbing Kit, SS Braided; OEM Hardpipe to Secondary Rail -6 Teflon Y-Output to Primary -6 Teflon Secondary Output to Regulator Teflon Primary Output to Regulator Regulator to OEM Return Hardpipe -6 Hardpipe Hoses Clamp to Hardpipes CJ Motorsports SS Regulator Mount; Laser Cut Stainless Steel Pre-threaded for Aeromotive and Fuelab regulators Stainless Hardware Attaches to UIM CJ Motorsports Injector Boss Adapters; Adapts Injector Bosses to 14mm type Sealed with external o-ring, viton. Options; Aeromotive and Fuelab options Fire Sleeve (3 feet of firesleeve for -6 hoses to protect lines from high mounted turbochargers or other sources of extreme heat. If your turbocharger exhaust housing will be within 10 inches of fuel lines, this is HIGHLY recommended.) Mini Fuel Pressure Gauge (Install a small 0-100psi liquid filled pressure gauge to the NPT port of the regulator for setting pressure and watching the pressure curve on the dyno.) Hose Coating (and optional black PVC coating over the SS braid) Stainless ACV Block-Off Kit


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