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Turbine Housing Coating

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Price: $225.00

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These thermal barrier coatings are polymer composites with insulating ceramics designed to significantly reduce heat transfer and saturation. Coating exhaust components (such as turbine housings) inside and out creates a key advantage in the heat control struggle that is inherent with turbocharged systems. Containing exhaust gas temperatures to increase your turbocharged setup efficiency remains goal one. A related benefit of thermal efficiency is a reduced amount of radiant heat directed into the engine bay. Cooler engine bay temperatures will equate to improved reliability and service life of all components. This service also protects the service life of your turbine housing from rust and corrosion as well as creates aesthetic value.

  • These coatings will create a .0002" to .0007" overbuild on the component surface, but will have an actual penetration depth of approx. .005" to .50" depending on material applied.
  • These coatings are designed to last nearly indefinitely.
  • Turbine housing is required up front for service.
  • Please contact us with any inquires.

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