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TurboSource Inconel Heat Shields

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TurboSource Turbine Housing Heat Shield

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Often overlooked, heat management is an extremely important aspect of high performance engines that are built to make power reliably. Many have attempted to remedy the situation by using flimsy, degradable, and counter productive fiberglass wraps or blankets which only create more issues rather than solving them. Instead of continuing to make compromises, TurboSource Inconel Heat Shields are custom made to fit your turbine housing. These shields utilize a clam shell design which feature an inner & outer Inconel frame with a unique propitiatory insulation layer within. In addition these superior materials, these enclosures provide a measurable air gap between the component and the shield. This insulating air gap greatly reduces the amount of convective transferred heat while allowing the shielded component to expand and contract. Better running conditions yield measurable increases in power, spool time, and reliability of other components especially in tight fitting turbo systems. The result is a cleaner, more effective solution to gain control of under hood temps without risking turbo heat soak back, oil coking, or stressing exhaust material integrity. The combination of advanced design, and unique materials used in these shields will out perform and outlast any other heat management product on the market. These shields with never break down like fiberglass wraps, turbo blankets, or Stainless shields. TurboSource Inconel Heat Shields are the final solution to controlling your underhood temps.


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