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Turblown Top Mount Rx-8 Turbo System

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Price: $6800.00

In stock: yes

The Turblown Top Mount Turbo System is the best Rx-8 Turbo Kit on the market. At the core of this turbo system are the best possible components designed to not only produce the most peak power, but to also provide the widest possible power-band reliably . Every kit is 100% hand built in the USA, and test fit on a mock up Rx-8 chassis to ensure best possible fitment.

  • Click 'Enlarge' for our sample 425rwhp dyno sheet @ 11psi. (This system included a Ball Bearing GT35R, BHR coils, ACT Clutch, & Inconel Heat Shields on a Stock Engine with pump gas.Maximum power gains are not guaranteed, a turbo system is only one small piece of an overall system. Engine condition, and more importantly engine tune will affect power output greatly. One should expect around 400rwhp at 14/15psi on pump fuel, E85 is recommended. Above dyno was on half a tank of race gas.
  • A water cooled Garrett Gt35R journal bearing hybrid turbocharger offers extremely fast spool and a top end that never runs out of airflow.
  • Our 3 into 1 custom made heavy wall 304SS turbo manifold outperforms log style manifolds by offering better response and a broader torque curve.
  • A TurboSmart 40mm vband wastegate.
  • A 3" 304SS downpipe that employs a 3" flex bellow for engine movement.
  • Custom Stainless oil & coolant feed/return hard lines are included to eliminate heat related failures of commonly used rubber hose.
  • A custom fabricated front mounted intercooler using a genuine Garrett Core. It includes required piping, T-bolt clamps, and high quality silicone couplers. Bumper trimming is required.
  • An oil metering pump block off kit & relocation bracket.
  • A coolant reserve tank relocation bracket.
  • A protective 3M Gentex wiring harness thermal sleeve.
  • A custom aluminum thermostat upper and lower hard line assembly is included to prevent heat related failures of the turbo system by eliminating vulnerable stock rubber counterparts. A new lower radiator hose is included.
  • An ambient air intake system featuring a recirculated blow off valve that is designed to ensure proper mass air flow sensor operation and the highest possible flow characteristics.
  • A drop in aeromotive 340lph fuel pump is included that has been proven for over 400rwhp.
  • New Leading 9 heat range spark plugs.
  • 1 EGT and 02 bung
  • This turbo system does not include an ECU, that is the only thing you need in addition to a battery relocation kit to be 100% operational and make up to the 330rwhp range. Fuel Injector, Clutch, Exhaust, and Coil upgrades are necessary to reach power levels above 330rwhp( not included). A good condition OEM engine does not require any additional modifications for power levels up to 500rwhp. Windshield wiper reservoir removal or relocation required because of coolant overflow relocation. Premixing of two stroke oil in the gas tank before every gasoline fill-up is required because of Oil Metering Pump relocation. Front Bumper, Under-Tray, and Sheet Metal( Not Frame) trimming is required for fitment. Auxiliary Port Actuator Removal Required for Down-pipe Clearance. Lengthening of the Mass Air Flow sensor wiring required. Passenger side Motor mount trimming is required. Competent Rotary Specialist installation and tuning is recommended.
  • Available for both manual and automatic Rx-8s, and S2 models
  • Pictured Inconel Heat-Shields are recommended, and available at additional cost.
  • Turbo kits are not kept in stock, generally it takes 12 weeks to build a kit. There are no returns/refunds on this turbo system. Each turbo system is hand built on a chassis in house to ensure best possible fitment. However this does not guarantee it will fit; adjustment might be necessary. Delivery times are an estimate, not a guarantee.
  • 2009+ S2 Rx-8s require a more complicated ECU which currently requires wiring into the OEM harness. It does retain all OEM functions( No check engine lights, fully functioning dash, etc). Two ID2000 secondary injectors are also recommended.
  • Please review our product policies under " shipping and delivery " Tab.

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