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Renesis Stud Kit

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Price: $395.00

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We now have 56 engines worth in stock. Turblown Engineering stud kit for your Renesis engine. Our stud kit offers a more linear, and precise medium of torquing engine fasteners compared to stock tension bolts. Torquing a bolt creates undue friction at both the threads, and head of the bolt. This unnecessary friction promotes false torque readings and the end result is an engine block 'out of spec' in a very important category. The clamping force is reduced and can become dramatically inconsistent especially if you are following the norm of reusing old tension bolts. Instead of twisting a bolt to achieve a desired torque reading, our studs are stretched in a static position. The studs are made from far superior material which increases clamping force evenly, with the same amount of applied torque compared to bolts. Stud expansion is limited while the inferior OEM bolt material allows stretching which in turn, reduces clamping force. Our studs not unlike piston engine applications, are easy on front iron threads for longer service life and ease the task of reassembly if your application requires it. Common acoustic, harmonic, and resonance issues are reduced due to the superior material used in stud manufacturing. Installing these studs your engine expansion and movement is controlled with greater clamping force, a must for turbocharged or high horsepower engines.

  • Studs are produced with aircraft quality forged steel.
  • These studs feature hot rolled threads and allen head tips.
  • Rated at 195000 PSI tensile strength.
  • No machining is required for installation.
  • Studs are compatible with OEM or aftermarket flywheels.
  • Our kit replaces all shorter 13 inner tension bolts.
  • Studs should be torqued to 3 inch lbs, and the nuts to 32 Ft lbs. Lubricate the front iron threads, and use hylomar near the OEM sealing washer threads

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